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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Free Download eBooks Control Handbook, Automatic Process Control, Pneumatic Actuating System, Tracking Control for Mechanical system, sensitivity of A

Free Download eBooks Control Handbook, Automatic Process Control, Pneumatic Actuating System, Tracking Control for Mechanical system, sensitivity of A

Process Industrial Instruments and Controls Handbook
Award-winning editor Greg McMillan has loaded Process/Industrial Instruments and Controls Handbook, Fifth Edition, with advice from top technical experts to help you tackle process instrument and control assignments confidently and solve problems efficiently.

Principles and Practice of Automatic Process Control

A Process Control System, Important Terms and the Objective of Automatic Process Control, Regulatory and Servo Control, Transmission Signals, Control Systems, and Other Terms, Control Strategies, Background Needed for Process Control\ Mathematical Tools for Control Systems Analysis,Transfer Functions and Block Diagrams, Basic Components of Control Systems, Sensors and Transmitters, Analysis of Feedback Control Systems by Root Locus, Sensors, Transmitters and Control Valves
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Pneumatic Actuating Systems for Automatic Equipment
Structure and Design presents a range of applied pneumatic actuating systems that can be used for various classes of mechanisms. The authors discuss actuator principles, their mathematical models, and methods of calculating parameters that depend on dynamic requirements and accuracy.

Process Imaging For Automatic Control
This book is the first to treat the entire range of imaging techniques and their use in process control. The authors discuss the basic goals of process modeling and their application to automatic control; direct imaging devices and applications; techniques, hardware, and image reconstruction

Pid Trajectory Tracking Control for Mechanical Systems
Book on PID control for mechanical systems. This monograph discusses thoroughly the theoretical bases, e.g., optimality of PID control, performance tuning rules, automatic performance tuning method, and output feedback PID control for mechanical control systems

Schaum's Outline of Feedback and Control Systems Schaum's
Understanding of feedback and control systems-;both analog and digital-;in less study time, this powerful study tool is the best tutor you can have! ack_and_control_systempart1.html ack_and_control_systempart2.html ack_and_control_systempart3.html
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Sensitivity of Automatic Control Systems
The book also presents general investigation methods for discontinuous systems, including those described by operator models.Full of powerful new methods and results, this book offers a unique opportunity for those in theoretical investigation and in the design, testing, and exploitation of various control systems to explore the work of Russia's leading researchers in sensitivity theory. Furthermore, its techniques for parametric perturbation investigation, Sensitivity of Control Systems will prove useful in fields outside of control theory,

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