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Friday, September 23, 2011

Steps for Design binary to gray code converter

Design binary to gray code converter
It is easy to convert the binary number to gray number. First, for example take a binary number i.e ,101101.

Step 1: 101101 first write the MSB as it is i.e, darken bit i.e, 1

Step 2: add MSB and bit next to the MSB i.e, 1+0=1

Step 3: again add 0 and 1 we get i.e, 0+1=1
Step 4: again add 1 and 1 we get 1+1=0

Step 5: in previous step carry is occurred so neglect that carry . note that don't add carry to next add numbers
then again add 1+0 1+0=1

step 6: add 0+1 0+1= 1 

Answer: Gray Code is : 111011

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