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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Electric Motor

Electric motor - A motor that converts electricity to mechanical work

electric motor - rotating electrical machines, principles of electric motors, its magnetic field, current, and forces, synchronous motor.

free pdf file for Induction machine with squirrel cage rotor and slip ring rotor - The experiment, experiment preparation, experiment realization.

electric drives - electrical machines fundamentals - principles,
motor action, generator action, alternative motor action, reluctance torque, basic electrical machine, magnetic circuit two pole motor, commutation, motor characteristics, generators.

electric motors - history and development, categorisation of electric motors, dc motors, universal motors, ac motors, torque motors, stepper motors, linear motors, doubly-fed electric motors, doubly-fed electric motor, singly-fed electric motor, nanotube nanomotor, motor calculation, motor standards.

simple electic motors - how it works, technical information, selecttion suggestion,
assembly instructions, experiments and application, troubleshooting, safety rules.

electric machine applications - notation, transformer, induction machines, synchronous machines, direct current machines, efficiency, temperature rise, dielectric dissipation factor.

free pdf file for electrical power and machines - power systems, phasor diagram, three phase power, magnetic circuits, electomechanical engergy, conversion, dc machine, transformers, induction motors, synchronous machine.

a tutorial on electrical motors - motor selection criterias, motor type,

motor formulas - calculating motor speed, calculating braking torque, calculating work, calculating torque, calculating full-load torque, calculating horse power, calculating synchronous speed.

basic motor formulas and calculations - rules of thumb approximation, mechanical formulas, temperature conversion, synchronous speed, frequency and number of poles of ac motors, relation between horsepower, torque and speed, motor slip, symbols, equivalent inertia, electrical formulas, locked rotor current from nameplate data, basic horsepower calculations, accelerating torque, duty cycle.

motor tutorials - ac motors, dc motors, brushless dc motors, servo motors, brushed dc servo motors, brushless ac servo motors, stepper motors, linear motors.

motor comparisons - brush vs. brushless, housed vs. frameless, stepper vs. brushless, induction vs. pm brushless.

free pdf file for motor control fundamentals - motor anatomy, what makes a motor spin?, types of motors, why do we need electronics in the motor?, system level block diagram.

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