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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Electrical and Electronic theory, laws, principles

Electrical circuit and theory - transformer, how to build transformer, the variable and inductor, magnetic fields, electric fields, induction motor, phase shift, wave forms analysis.

Fundamental network theorems for dc and ac analysis - Ohms laws KCL and KVL, voltage and current devider, Nodal analysis, loop or mesh analysis, superposition, source transformation, thevenin's and norton's theorems.

Electrical formulas - Notation, impedance, admittance, reactance, reasonance, reactive loads and power factor, complex power, three phase power, per unit system, symmetrical components, fault calculation, three phase fault level, thermal short time rating, instrument transformers, power factor correction, reactors, harmonics reasonance.

free Ohms law and power calculator - you can enter any value that you want and it will give automatically the answer

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