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Monday, September 22, 2008

How Wind Energy Works ?

Building a wind generator from scratch - how much energy can you get from small wind turbines?, building a set of blades, acquiring a generator, replacing magnets, rewinding the generator, finished generator, testing the generator output, counting the cost, batteries and inverters, raising the wind generator.

How Wind Turbines Work - types of wind turbines, sizes of wind turbines, inside the wind turbine : anemometer, blades, brake, controller, gear box, generator, high speed shaft, low speed shaft, nacelle, pitch, rotor, tower, wind direction, wind vane, yaw drive, yaw motor. advantages and disadvantages, history.

Wind Energy Basics - wind energy and wind power, how wind power is generated, wind turbines, wind turbine types, turbine components, wind turbine diagram, turbine configurations, wind turbine size and power ratings, wind energy photos, wind energy maps, wind energy links.

Wind Energy Fact Sheets - wind power today, how wind works, wind energy potential, wind energy and noise, wind turbine lighting, comparative air emissions of wind and other fuels, comparative impacts of wind and other energy sources on wildlife, 10 tips to developing a wind farm, investing in wind power.

Wind Energy Manual - wind energy overview, history of wind energy, listing of lowa wind energy projects, technology overview : wind energy system, wind and wind power, lowa wind energy data. wind energy issues overview.

Electrical Guide to Utility Scale Wind Turbines - wind turbine power regulation, wind turbine electrical generator configurations, direct connected asynchronous generator, wound rotor induction generator with scalar control of rotor current, doubly fed induction generator with vector control of rotor currents, electrical generator with full power conversion, wind plant infrastructure, distributed wind generator applications, voltage and reactive power control, options for reactive compensation and voltage control, steady state and small signal behaviour, dynamic response, transien response, short circuit contributions, direct connect squirrel cage induction generator, doubly fed induction generator with vector control of rotor currents.

Wind Turbine Overview - mechanical matters, How are you going to make the blades?, how large a generator/alternator can you afford/make?, how to regulate speed in excessive wind?, how high can you mount your wind turbine?, generating electricity, rating, low voltages, high voltages, configuration of magnetics/coil, magnetic tidbits, other uses for wind power.

Wind Power - U.S. department of energy.

Wind Rotor Blade Construction(free pdf file)- the wind generator, steps in the wind rotor construction procedure, the two rotor designs, the shapes of the blades, templates, patterns, making two separate patterns, finishing of the surface, making patterns from metal, making the moulds, blade construction, the procedure in peru, testing for the strength, balancing and mounting, blade design details.

Where Does Wind Energy Come From ? - whence wind?, the coriolis force, global winds, geostropic wind, local winds, mountain winds, energy in the wind, wind deflection, wind speeds and energy, anemometers, measurement in practice, the wind rose, draw a wind rose, turbine sitting, energy output, how does it works?, generators, turbine design, electrical grid, history of wind energy, wind energy manual.

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