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Monday, September 22, 2008

Free Download eBook Electrical & Electronics

Op Amps for everyone - analog electronics

Electrical and Electronics principles and technology

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical engineering catholic protection

Electrical power supply and distribution book
general, electrical power requirements, voltage selection, main electric supply/substation, electric distribution lines, aerial distribution lines, underground distribution lines, installation, surge protection and ground, road way and area lighting,security lighting,

Interior electrical system ebook
general, preliminary and detailed design analysis, general power system criteria, power distribution and utilization transformer, power distribution and utilization switchgear load centers and breaker, power distribution and utillization raceway and wiring, power distribution and utilization motors and motor control circuits, power distribution and utilization ohter design criteria, electrical system protection and coordination, grounding, bonding and lighting protection, surge protection, power system quality, emergency and stanby power system, stationary battery system, lighting, auxiliary system, facility specific design criteria.

Coordinated power system protection eBook
general requirements, electrical power system overcurrents, overcurrent protective devices, protective devices coordination, electrical system protection techniques.

Programmable Logic Controller eBook
introduction, PLC hardware, logical sensors, logic actuators, boolean logic design, karnughmaps, PLC operation, latches, timers, counters and more, structural logic design, flowchart based design, state based design, numbers and data, PLC memory, ladder logic functions, advance ladder logic functions, open controller, instruction list programming, structured text programming, sequential function charts, function blocks, analog inputs and outputs, continous sensors, electrical desing and contruction, software engineering, selecting a PLC,

The art and science of protective relaying eBook
the philosophy of protective relaying what is relaying?, fundamentals relay operating principles and characteristics, current, voltage, directional, current or voltage balance, distance relay, wire pilot relay, carrier current pilot and microwave pilot relay, current transformer, types of current transformer, voltage transformer, methods for analyzing generaizing and visualizing relay response, ac generator and motor protection generator protection, transformer protection power transformers and power autotransformer, bus protection, line protection with overcurrent relays, line protection with distance relays, line protection with pilot relays.

Handbook of electrical science - volumer 1 to volume 4
basic electricity theory, basic dc theory, dc circuits, batteries, dc generators, dc motors, basic ac theory, ac power, ac generators, voltage regulators, ac motors, transformer, test instrument and measuring devices, electrical distribution system.

Handbook for Electrical Safety eBook

Grounding and bonding eBook

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics eBook

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