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Monday, September 22, 2008

How Fast Does Electricity Flow?

Electric Current
what is an electric current?, requirements of a circuit, electric current, power: putting charges to work, common misconceptions regarding electric circuit, conventional current direction,direction of an electric current,current versus drift speed, the nature of charge flow,question and answer.

Electricity and Magnetism
dielectric, microsopic view, electric current, resistivity, energy conservation , resistance, dielectric constant, charge compensate, unbalanced charge, electrostatics, potential difference, ions discharge electroscope, charged ions.

How Fast Do Electron Travel
science, physics, electromagnetism, electrostatics, electric current.

Electron, Flow, and Conductors
ask a scientist, question and answer

Current and Resistance
the convention for electrical current is?, electric current, resistance and resistivity, power in electric circuits.

The Speed of Electricity

How Fast Does eletricity flow?
the simpler answer, the complicated answer, velocity of charges, the current in amperes, the number of mobile eletrons per cc of conductor, the charge of a single electron in coulombs, the radius of the conductor, numeric constant approx.

definitions and general properties, metals, alloys, non metalic conductors, summary to conductors, general application, normal conductors, contacts, resistor and heating, thermionic emission, field enhanced emission and tunnelling effects, thermoelectric effects, ionic conductors, devye length, nernst's equation.

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