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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Electrical Formulas

lIST Below links are all free electrical formulas.

electrical formulas etc. - metric conversion, electrical formulas, conduit weight, maximum no. of conduit, 600 volt building wire, weights and ampacities, ampacities of a insulated conductors, copper to aluminum, receptacle configuration.

electrical and mechanical formulas - ohms law, power - ac circuit, power - dc circuit, mechanical, blower motors, pump motors.

useful electrical formulas - to find ampers when horsepower is known, amperes when kilowatts are known, amperes when kilovolt amperes are known, kilowatts, kilo volts amperes, horsepower.

electrical formulas - admittance, ammeter shunt, batteries, capacitance, capacitance in parallel, capacitance and series, charge division by parallel capacitances, compensation theorem, complex power, current division by parallel resistances, delta-star transformation, dielectric dissipation factor, direct current machines, efficiency, energy, fault calculation, harmonic resonance, inductance, inductance in parallel, inductance in series, induction machines, impedance, instrument transformer, joule's law, kirchhof's laws, maximum power transfer theorem, millman's theorem, mutual inductance, norton's theorem, ohm's law, per-unit system, power, power factor, power factor correction, reactance, reactive loads, reactors, reciprocity theorem, resistance, resistance in parallel, resistance in series,
resonance, star-delta transformation, superposition theorem, symmetrical components, synchronous machines, temperature rise, thermal short time rating, thevenin's theorem , thievenins and norton equivalence, three phase fault level, three phase power, time constants, transformers, voltage division by series capacitances, voltage division by series resistances, voltmater multiplier, wheatstone bridge.

free download Formulas, Equations, and Help - unit converter, periodic table of elements, kvar calculator, voltage drop calculator, motor protection calculator, motor calculation, circuit design calculator, conduit fill calculator, 4 function calculator, zonal cavity calculator, arc flash calculator, fault current calculator, lighting system calculator, capacitor kvar calculator, software, residential load calculations, touch potentian 2 wire circuit, conversion formulas, electrical formulas based on 60 hz.

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