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Monday, September 22, 2008

How Hydropower Works ?

free pdf file for hydro power - energy converssion, fundamentals and definitions, transforming hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, impulse turbine - pelton, francis turbines, kaplan and bulb turbines, the main equation of turbines, a brief outline of the hydraulic design of turbines, efficiency.

how hydropower platns work - introduction to how hydropower plants work, the power of water, pumped storage plants, hydrologic cycle, hydroelectric footwear, lots more information, what is : Dam, intake, turbine, generators, transformer, power lines, outflow, the shaft that connects the turbine and generator, kinetic energy, upprer reservoir, lower reservoir, reversible turbine, the generator, the giant generators at hoover dam produce more than 2,000 megawatts, inside a hydropower plant generator : stator, rotor, curved blades, shaft, francis turbines.

hydroelectric dam animation picture

open the floodgates hydroelectricity - water, energy, water wheels, turbines, snow hydro scheme, mini-hydro plant, bendoro dam, how do hydroelectric power plants works ?, the history of hydro, advantages and disadvantages of hydroelectricity.

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