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Thursday, September 25, 2008

electromagnetic induction

The process by which an electromotive force and hence current is generated
or induced in a conductor when there is a change in the magnetic flux, linking
The conductor,is called electromagnetic induction.

Faraday's experiments - Len's law,Some definitions like magnetic flux,
Electromotance or electromotive force e.m.f., motional electromotance
motional electromotance in terms of flux cutting, induced currents and
charges, The differential form of Faraday's law, Self-inductance, Calculation of
sefl-inductance, Magnetic energy(in terms of self-inductance, in terms of the magnetic field)

electromagnetic induction - with moving picture for you to quick understand about electromagnetic Induction and with question and answer, Facts, Len's law and equations of the formula

electromagnetic induction - magnetism, magnetics fields, force & magnetic induction, electromagnetic induction, Back EMF, Transformers.

application of electromagnetic induction - eddy currents, an electric generator, back EMF in electrical generator mutual inductance, self inductance, transformers.

electromagnetic induction - motional emf, example problem, the induced electric field, inductance with problem, magnetic energy with problem, the RL circuit with problem.

electromagnetic induction - with free animation shows a copper rod being moved.

electromagnetic induction - current changes direction with change and magnetic motion,
voltage change polarity with change in magnetic motion, magnetic moved back and forth and its formulas.


- Good smoothing factor of a coil depends on the induction of the coil.
- Wherever a conductor cuts magnetics flux. an e.m.f. is induced in that conductor. This statement is due to Faraday's law
- Magnetic field intensity is a vector quantity.
- Leakage factor is more than unity.
- It is difficult to magnetize steel because of its low permeability
- A degaussing is the process of the demagnetizing metallic part.

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