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Sunday, September 7, 2008

eBooks Free for Electronics and Electrical, Mobile messaging, Telecommunications, Elektor Electronics, Magazine, Mechatronics, Electrical Circuits

eBooks Free for Electronics and Electrical, Mobile messaging, Telecommunications, Elektor Electronics, Magazine, Mechatronics, Electrical Circuits

Mobile Messaging Technologies and Services
SMS, EMS and MMS, Contains a revised section on the fundamentals of MMS, including an updated section on GPRS to explain current commercial implementations such as GRX applications.,Presents the latest developments in MMS standardization, including the design of synchronized multimedia integration language (SMIL) presentations, Digital Rights Management (DRM), transcoding techniques, postcard service and support of advanced multimedia formats., Provides updated sections on SMS, EMS and heavily revised coverage of the developments in MMS, including MMS interworking and the forthcoming MMS version 1.3.
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Telecom Crash Course
Holistic introduction to telecommunications. Far more than an acronym-studded quick fix, Telecom Crash Course is a true tutorial that offers context, connections–and humor– to teach the importance of key technologies. Author Steven Shepard, an accomplished writer and teachers,

Elektor Electronics Magazine

Alphanumski, Stereo Robot Ears, 3 Amp PWM DC Motor Controller, Low2 Cost USB Demo Board, Optimised STK200/300 Programmer, Sound Activated Switch, Wireless Pulse Sensor, R8C Measures Negative Voltages, Switch-Mode 555 Supply, Colour Tamer, Stepped Volume Control, LPC900 Programmer, Receiver for RC5 Remote Controls, PIC Indicator Relay, Clap Controlled Switcher, Removed Pulse Detector, 12 V Bidirectional Motor Control, 3-A Wide Input Adjustable Switching Regulator, Teaclipper’ Postage-stamp Programmer, USB Converter, Radio remote Control for PDAs and Smartphones, PWM Voltage Dropper, MotorBox, CMUCam1 Vision System, Simple D/A Converter for Robots, A/D Converter for Robots, Chaotic Firefllies, 2.4 GHz Antenna for Robotics Vehicles, Robot MOPS, DIY Wheels, Compass Sensor for Lego Mindstorms NXT, IR Communications using a UART, Solar/Battery Power Supply, 10-A Power Stage for DC Motor, Wireless Link, CO-Sensor, PIR-Sensor, IR remote Control with the R8C, Catapult for Robots… or Other Uses, Fast Charger for NiMH Batteries, Deep Discharge Protection for Rechargeable Cells, Complete Stepper Motor Driver, Sensor for Line Following Robots, LDO Regulator with Soft Start and Tracking, PIC or Basic Stamp IR Telemeter, Ultrasonic Distant Object Detector, Driving Stepper Motors, Controlling Servos, Lithium Charger, Paralleling LiPo Batteries, Propeller Prototyping Board for BoeBot, Serial interface for the Propeller, Philips ME Construction Kits, Babybot Mini Power Inverter Voltage Stabiliser, Bat’s Ear, Whiskers on Robots, Hunter, Minimalist Motor, Trembly Tribot, Balancing Robot Bolo, Antieu-robot, An Obstacle Detecting Robot, Driving Stepper Motors: KISS, IR Close Object Detector, Multi-Purpose NiCd & NiMH Charger, PIC12C508 Stepper Motor Controller, From Cassette Recorder to Robot Propulsion, A Robot That won’t Lose its Bearings, An Inclinometer for Your Robot, Light-seeking Robot, Robot voice, Positioning with Photodiode Arrays, Robot Footballer, Driving Higher Power Motors, A Robot with an Elephant’s Memory, Which Brain for my Robot?, Formula Flowcode Buggy, Dual Battery, Torque is Cheap, SatNav for Robots, Walking Works!, Light Sensing with an LED, Servo to Motor Conversion, Football with Robots, New Lego MINDSTORMS NXT Motor Block Servo Control from am

Microwave Engineering Europe
Technical papers by leading experts around the world providing a detailed analysis of the latest developments., A review of the technical news in the popular "In Focus" section, A section, "New Products and Data", completely devoted to new products, with application notes, data sheets and CD Rom catalogues to support them.,

Everyday Practical Electronic Magazine

Elektor Electronics
On the buses, Back to the Future, High Voltage Amplifier, Attitude Sensor, Negative Auxiliary Voltage, Direction-Sensitive Light Barrier, Dimmer with a MOSFET, Discrete Robot, Car Central-Locking System, BTX, 5 volts from the Mains, I²C and SMBus, Unusual LED Blinker, On/Off Button, NiMH Charger for up to six Cells, On-Train Radio Camera, Universal Mains Filter, Flickering Light II, IIR Tool, Simple Audio Peak Detector, Voltage Monitor, Thrifty2-Hz Clock, On-line Conversions, IR Multi-Position Switch, LM4906 Boomer Audio Power Amp, Model Railway Short-Circuit Beeper, Resistor-Equipped Transistors (RETs), Low-Drop Constant Current Source, SATA, Modern SMD Packages, Stable Filament Supply, IR Transmitter with HT12E, USB/I²C interface, I²C-homebus, Heathkit TC-2P Tube Checker, Continuous Flow Soldering, Voltage regulator calculation, Power Supply for USB Devices, LED Christmas Tree

Mechatronics for Safety, Security and Dependability in a New Era
Contains selected leading papers from the International Conference on Machine Automation 2004, the work of researchers from USA, Japan, China and Europe. The topics covered include: manufacturing systems such as CAD/CAM, machining and, human factors in manufacturing;, has been rapidly developing as an important area that affects all areas of society from industrial robots, automobiles, electrical appliances, computers and consumer goods etc. It also plays a role in safety recovery, such as for rescue tasks after disasters, destruction of hazardous and abandoned weapons and the restoration of polluted environments.

Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology
Electrical and electronic principles , circuit theory and electrical technology. The coverage takes student s from the fundamentals of the subject, to the completion of a first y ear degree level course. Thus, this book is ideal for students studyin g engineering for the first time, and is also suitable for pre-degree vocational courses, especially where progression to higher levels of s tudy is likely.

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