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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

eBook Free on System Theory and Design, Formulas and Table for Signal, Mathematics for Electrical, Power Converter

Internet and wireless security
The security of this e-commerce is now a key enabler for businesses and this book presents an overview of current and future infrastructures for e-business including XML security mechanisms.

Linear System Theory and Design
Has been made more accessible to students from all related backgrounds. After introducing the fundamental properties of linear systems, the text discusses design using state equations and transfer functions.

Handbook of Formulas and Tables for Signal Processing
Includes audio, video, speech, image, communication, geophysical, sonar, radar, medical, and more. Signal processing applies to the theory and application of filtering, coding, transmitting, estimating, detecting, analyzing, recognizing, synthesizing, recording, and reproducing signals.
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Electrical Books

MIMO System Technology for Wireless Communications
Coverage on all aspects of MIMO technology along with up-to-date information on key related issues.

Mathematics For Electrical Engineering And Computing
Applications of modern mathematics, such as Boolean Algebra and Sets and Functions, and also teaches both discrete and continuous systems

Power Converter Circuits
Reveals all key components of rectification, inversion, cycloconversion, and conversion circuits It describes switching, voltage, and current relationships, as well as converter properties, operation, control.

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