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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Free Download eBooks Analysis and Control, Analog and Digital System, Power Electronics Devices, Electric Circuits, Electromagnetic Modeling, Engineer

Free Download eBooks Analysis and Control, Analog and Digital System, Power Electronics Devices, Electric Circuits, Electromagnetic Modeling, Engineer

Analysis and Control of Nonlinear Process Systems tml s.rar.html

The text emphasizes design with discussions of problem formulation, design criteria, physical constraints, several design methods, and implementation of compensators. Discussions of topics not found in other texts--such as pole placement,

Autotuning of PID Controllers: A Relay Feedback Approach

This book is written in a way which not only makes it easy to understand but is also useful to those interested in or working with PID controllers.

Adaptive Control Strategies for Industrial Use: Proceedings of a Workshop

Control Design Techniques in Power Electronics Devices

The book is introduced through the very important topic of modeling switched power electronics as controlled dynamical systems. Detailed circuit layouts, schematics and actual closed-loop control responses from a representative group of the plants under discussion and generated by applying the theory are included.

Digital Self-tuning Controllers: Algorithms, Implementation and Applications
Listings or made directly available as MATLAB® functions making the book particularly suitable as an aid to project work; specially written MATLAB® toolboxes convenient for the presentation of typical control system and plant properties and ready for use in direct control of real or simulated plants available from;

Electric Circuits
The book retains the goals that havemade it a best-seller: 1) To build an understanding of concepts and ideas explicitly in terms of previous learning; 2) To emphasize the relationship between conceptual understanding and problem solving approaches; 3) To provide readers with a strong foundation of engineering practices. Chapter topics include Circuit Variables; Circuit Elements; Simple Resistive Circuits _muya.rar

Electromagnetic Modeling
This reference examines phenomena such as nonlinearity, mechanical force, electrical circuit coupling, vibration, heat, and movement for applications in the electrical, mechanical, nuclear, aeronautics, and transportation industries. It offers a wide range of examples, including torque, vibration, and iron loss calculation;

Engineering Vibration Analysis with Application to Control Systems
This book provides a thorough explanation of the principles and methods used to analyse the vibrations of engineering systems, combined with a description of how these techniques and results can be applied to the study of control system dynamics. ms.part1.rar ms.part2.rar ms.part3.rar ms.part4.rar

Essentials of process control

Covers two important areas of process design and process control
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