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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Free Tutorials on Electronics & Electrical Switches

Switch types
Is any device used to interrupt the flow of electrons in a circuit.Toggle switch, pushbutton switch, selector switch, joystick switch,lever acutuator limit swithc, proximity switch, speed switch, pressure switch, temperature switch, liquid level switch, liquid flow switch, nuclear level switch, switch contact design,

A nice list describing different electronic switch types.
DIP switch, Mercury switch, microswitch, reed switch, slide switch, Tit switch ,Toggle switch.

Basic Toggle switch structure
A nice site that would quick you to understand about the basic of toggle switch with nice completer picture

Reed Sensor, Hall Sensor, Reed Switch, Reed Relays.

Interfacing Switches and Relays to the Real World in Real Time

Switch Bounce, Relay Bounce, Subroutine for Pseudo Polling Code,Automotive Specifics, ESD Protection,

Electronic Switching and Transmission Systems
Transistor switching, Diode Keying, Multiplexing, Contacts and Relays , Reed switches, Optical sensors, Hall sensors

Switch Debouncing circuit
The circuit below when the switch is in position.

Different kinds of switches
Just a simple note about switches, Other types of switch, The mercury switch, The magnetic reed switch.

Electronics Switches
Selecting a Switch, Switch Contacts, Pole - number of switch contact sets. Throw - number of conducting positions, single or double, Way - number of conducting positions, three or more. Momentary - switch returns to its normal position when released., Open - off position, contacts not conducting. , Closed - on position, contacts conducting, there may be several on positions. ,Switch Contact Ratings,Standard Switches.Special Switches,

Electronics computer switch
Keyboard Switch Types, Keyboard Switch Types, Hall-effect Switch, Capacitive Switch, Magnetic Reed Switch,Ferrite Core Switch,Mercury Contact Switch.

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