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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Free tutorials for wire conversions,abbrevialtion, dictionary, wire gauges

Characteristics of Some Particles
Circuit Schematic Symbols,Critical Temperatures for Superconductors, Dielectric Constants, Dielectric Strength, Fundamental Physical Constants, Greek Symbols, Magnetic Susceptibilities, Reduction Potentials, Resistivity Coefficients, Temperature Coefficients of Resistivity, Units in MKS and CGS

Electronics Abbreviations from A-Z with meanings and comments

AWG=American Wire Gauge standard
Diameter graph, Area graph, Resistance graph

American wire gauge convertion table

Stranded tinned copper wire table

Electronics Dictionary
Download Part 1 it's FREE, Learn Electronics Lessons, Abbreviations used in Electronics,Ohms and Kirchhoff's ,Circuit Analysis Puzzles, Free Stuff, Free Stuff. A.W.G.
standard wire gauge, american wire gauge

AWG conversion table
What is American wire gauge,understanding of AWG.

Wire Gauge - Gage Conversion Chart
Reade Advanced Materials presents

Conversion of American Wire Gauge, AWG in mm2

It should be taken into consideration that wires with the same, AWG-number but different structures show slightly different cross sections.

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