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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Free eBooks Electrical Machine, Electrical Equipment, Pocket Guide NEC, Electrical and Electronics Principles

Electrical Machines and Drive Systems
Very-high-speed power-electronic switches, combined with microcomputer control systems.This popular textbook has been thoroughly revised and updated in the light of these changes.

Electrical Equipment Handbook
Troubleshooting and Maintenance, industrial electrical equipment! Everything you need for selection, applications, operations, diagnostic testing, troubleshooting and maintenance for all capital equipment placed firmly in your grasp.

Pocket Guide to the National Electrical Code 2005
Reference guide for architects, engineers, electrical designers, electricians, manufacturers, inspectors, teachers, students

Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology
Is a fully comprehensive text for courses in electrical and electronic principles, circuit theory and electrical technology. The coverage takes students from the fundamentals of the subject, to the completion of a first year degree level course.

Computing the Electrical Activity in the Heart

Introduction to High Power Pulse Technology

MIMO System Technology for Wireless Communications

Coverage on all aspects of MIMO technology along with up-to-date information on key related issues.

An Introduction to Numerical Analysis for Electrical and Computer Engineers
Emphasizes the earlier stages of numerical analysis for engineers with real-life problem-solving solutions applied to computing and engineering

The VLSI Handbook, Second Edition

This edition features several heavily revised and completely rewritten chapters, new chapters on such topics as CMOS fabrication and high-speed circuit design, heavily revised sections on testing of digital systems and design languages

Electrical and Electronic Principles and Technology
This new edition of Electrical and Electronic Principles and Technology has been brought fully in line with the new BTEC National specifications in the U.K. for the units: Electrical and Electronic Principles and Further read.

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