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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Free Tutorials on Ampacity table of a Electrical and Electronics Conductors

Copper wire gage table
Copper wire ampacity tableCoefficients of specific resistanceTemperature coefficients of resistanceCritical temperatures for superconductorsDielectric strengths for insulatorsDataBack to Chapter Index

Wire Gauge and Current Limits
AWG Wire Sizes , Metric Wire Gauges, Load Carrying Capacities, American Wire Gauge from 4/0 AWG to 30 AWG, aluminum or copper wire.

AWG Aluminum Wire Table
AWG Cable Sizes, Aluminum Wire,American Wire Gauge, The wire fusing [melting] current is based on the material the wire is made of, the diameter of the wire and the melting point of the the material.

American wire gauge
Formula , Table of AWGs and approximate corresponding sizes,

Conversion and calculation
Around electric cable, wire, and wiring, Cable diameter to circle cross-sectional area and vice versa, Calculation of the cross section A, entering the diameter, Table of typical loudspeaker cables.

Bare Wire Dimensions
AWG NEMA / IEC Metric Standard Sizes Chart, AWG (American Wire Gauge)

Diameter to Wire Gauge Converter
Wire Gauge to Diameter, To convert American Wire Gauge (AWG) to diameter, Capacitance Reactance Calculator, Inductive Reactance Calculator, Coil-inductance, Toroid Winding Calculator.

Wire Guage Table for Copper Wire
AWG gauge, Diam. mils, Ohms per 1000 ft, Ft per pound, Feet per Ohm, Max amps, Ampacity

Ampacity Tables
Discussion & Correction Factors, Emergency Overloads, Temperature Correction Factors, Effect of Grouping.

Copper wire figures
AWG Table, Wire Gauge Resistance per foot, Current ratings, Resistivities at room temp, Thermal conductivity at room temp, Copper wire resistance table, Wire current handling capacity values, Information about 35 mm2 Cu wire, Mains wiring current ratings.Mains wiring current ratings.

AWG American Wire Gauge to mm2
AWG American Wire Gauge / Diameter / Resistance.

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