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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Free Electronics eBook for Student, Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Electricity and Electronics
Tab Electronics Guide to Understanding, Understand the energy and applications that drive the modern world, Build your own inexpensive electronics workbench,Construct 25 useful projects that explore electrical and electronics power, principles, and applicationsHave you ever dreamed of mastering the energy and technology that's transforming life on Earth?

Secret of RF Circuit Design
RF circuit guide of thousands of electronics enthusiasts takes you inside wireless technology with step-by-step, illustrated directions for dozens of usable projects. This super guide demonstrates RF theory as it shows you how to overcome the technical and materials challenges facing those who build real-world electronics.

Programming and Customizing the AVR Microcontroller
shows you how to take charge of the newest, most versatile microcontrollers around, Atmel's AVR RISC chip family. Inside, Electronics World.

A summary of the current state of microelectronics and its innovative directions.details the IC design process and VLSI circuits, including gate arrays, programmable logic devices and arrays, parasitic capacitance, and transmission line delays. Coverage ranges from thermal properties and semiconductor materials to MOSFETs, digital logic families, memory devices, microprocessors, digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital converters, digital filters, and multichip module technology.

A First Lab in Circuits and Electronics
Excellent beginners book into the fun of electronic lab Yannis Tsividis gives us a great beginners book into electronics.master the basics you are ready to go on to more advanced electronics.

The essence of Power Electronics

Fundamentals of Power Electronics
Fully and completely explains the principles, models, and technical requirements of power electronics at a higher level than is currently published.

The Industrial Information Technology Handbook
Focuses on emerging industrial applications of IT, and on evolving trends driven by needs of companies and by industry-led organizations.he text contains 112 contributed reports by industry experts from government, companies at the forefront of development.

Linear Electronics in Control System
The fundamentals of linear electronics, a technology that is less glamorous than digital electronics but just as vital.Linear Electronics in Control Systems provides a broad yet concise look at these important devices. ANALOG DEVICES AND CIRCUITRY,ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTATION, LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUITS, CONTROL SYSTEMS, MOTOR SPEED CONTROL SYSTEMS.

Practical Antenna Handbook
Is a treasure for anyone with an interest in antennas, from the newest of novices to the most experienced you all kinds of projects ,he theoretical concepts that the engineers and others need to design practical antennas, and the hard-learned practical lessons derived from actually building.

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