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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Free eBooks Optoelectronics, Radiation Defect Engineering, Audio Electronics, Spin Electronics, Solid State Devices, Algebra of Electronics.

Optoelectronics and Fiber Optic Technology
Covers selection and application of the key technologies, A down to earth introduction to a cutting edge technology, Covers all the main engineering applications with a minimum of maths.

Radiation Defect Engineering

Selected Topics in Electronics and Systems

Audio Electronics

Latest developments in the field: digital radio and television, Nicam 728, and the latest Dolby noise reduction systems.You need to be pretty well versed in basic electronic theory before picking up this book.

Concepts in Spin Electronics
Is based on semiconductor and ferromagnetic materials. Information processing and computation are based on electron charge in semiconductor transistors and integrated circuits, and information is stored on magnetic high-density hard disks based on the physics of the electron spins.

Physical principles of solid state devices

The Algebra of Electronics

Series in optics and OptoElectronics
Fast Light, slow light and Left-handed Light,Treating these topics at an introductory to intermediate level, Fast Light, Slow Light and Left-Handed Light focuses on the basic theory and describes the significant experimental progress made during the past decade.

Quantum Dots

Leading experts on quantum dot theory and technology provide comprehensive reviews of all aspects of quantum dot systems

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